BrimaPack – Catalogue


2018 Catalogue
20 pp

BrimaPack has become a leading player for vegetable handling solutions for Iceberg Lettuce, Broccoli and various other vegetables and fruits. BrimaPack has developed the 'NicePack' packing systems giving superior shelf life and lower packing costs compared to other technologies.

Through its focus on supplying System Integrated Solutions, rather than individual machines, BrimaPack offers complete packing solutions for pack house and field packing operations, which saves up to 50% on packaging costs and enhances shelf life and product presentation. For in-field applications, a complete range of state of the art self-propelled field rigs, have been developed.

They are suitable for both planting and harvesting jobs. Each unit is tailor made to suit your needs. BrimaPack’s unique e-Drive system is lowering fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions drastically and is giving you optimal drivability suitable for today’s demands and future expectations. Our approach toward System Integrated Solutions ensures an optimal solution tailored to your specific needs.


Technology & Advantages 3
Shelf life film 4
VePack 200-PH / BR-XL 5
VePack 200-PHH 6
VePack 200-PHV 7

Technology & Advantages 8
Atlantis 10
Columbia 11
Discovery 12
Harvesting Aids 13

VeTrac 14
Rover 16

VeCode 18
BrimaNaut 18
VeSort 19
Logistic Solutions 19

BrimaPack Catalog 2018, packaging solutions for the vegetable industry, 20 pages.

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