Managing biogas plants

August 2017
274 pages
ISBN: 978-11-38626-61-4

Por Mario Alejandro Rosato. August 22, 2017. 274 pp. ISBN 9781138626614

This practical manual provides basic theoretical knowledge about fermentative processes, biochemical laboratory techniques and an arsenal of practical tricks, recipes, do’s and don’ts for the biogas plant manager. It explains why some popular tests and techniques are unreliable, how to optimize the feedstock’s cost and the energy self-consumption of the digester, and how to analyze experimental error propagation and judge whether a marketing claim or a test result from the literature is correct.

All examples are taken from the author’s experience as consultant in managing biogas plants in Italy and Spain. It features a glossary of technical jargon and useful reference tables and formulae. By following the procedures described in this manual, anybody can learn in short time how to become a "bacteria farmer."

About the Author.
Relevant Aspects for Optimizing the AD Process. Overview of the Laboratory Methods for the Analysis of Fermentative Processes.
How to Perform Tests under Optimum Conditions. Application of Laboratory Experimental Results to the Management of the Biogas Plant.
Some Simple Tricks to Improve the Laboratory’s Operativity.
Critical Review of the Scientific Literature from the Biogas Plant Manager’s Perspective.
Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations.
Useful Tables for Quick Reference.

ROSATO, Mario Alejandro. August 22, 2017. A practical guide. 274 pages. ISBN 978-11-38626-61-4