Time to Modernize

Aziz ur Rahman Shalk

160 pp

By Aziz ur Rahman Shalk, NedPak Technical Packaging & Instruments

As the introduction states, "this book is the result of sheer hard work, drive, through the dedicated ocean of growers, logistics, innovation of cool chain management, processors, plastic industry, film developers, packers, wholesale, marketers, chain stores, retailers..."

The book 'Time to modernize', by Aziz ur Rahman Shalk, is focused on Pakistan agriculture modernization, but for sure it is useful in many other regions looking for improving the postharvest management practices and to reach with good quality produce distant markets.

After three initial chapters with information about Pakistan agriculture, the next chapters deal with GAP, Good Agriculture Practices; pest management, postharvest cold chain introduction & management, postharvest packaging, processing facilities of pack house, logistics & technological temperature management; ethylene during storage and logistics; and MAP, Modified Atmospheric packaging.

The last matter receives a considerable attention, through the inclusion of results of different trials with MAP for main export product of Pakistan such as Kinnow mandarin, limes, banana, and mangoes. As the author explains in the preface, he counts on an extensive experience and vision of technical packaging.

The way in which all matters are considered is very practical, and plenty of illustrations, diagrams, and examples, indicating commercial solutions. Also the web site NedPak is a very interesting source of technological solutions for postharvest management and packaging.

The book includes different tables indicating the optimum temperatures for a wide range of products, the optimum ripening conditions, the optimum gas concentrations, etc. Special information for mandarin, mangoes, banana, grapes. The last chapter deals with good packaging concepts and parameters to save the space, presentation and control of wastages.

The book is available on NedPak Technical Packaging & Instruments

AZIZ UR Rahman Shalk; 2017; 160 páginas. A complete and practical book about postharvest management, MAP, logistics and marketing focused in the Pakistan agriculture modernization.

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