The application of chitosan in the control of post-harvest diseases: a review

Betchem, Garba
Johnson, Nana Adwoa Nkuma
Wang, Yun

December 2019
12 pp

Garba Betchem, Nana Adwoa Nkuma Johnson & Yun Wang, 12 pp
Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection, December 2019, Volume 126, Issue 6, pp 495–507.

Many post-harvest diseases are caused by wound pathogens, and the complete control of these agents is done through the use of an agent which grows rapidly and is environmental friendly.

One of the commonly used agents in regulating postharvest diseases is a polysaccharide called chitosan. It is a common polysaccharide mostly found in crustaceans shells and fungi cell wall. It is mainly produced by the deacetylation of chitin.

A great number of researches are being done on chitosan to know its mode of action. Chitosan has been proven to have various effects on plants, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This review is to provide the different studies which have been done to control post-harvest diseases and to get a full understanding on how chitosan works.

The application of chitosan in the control of post-harvest diseases: a reviewGarba Betchem, Nana Adwoa Nkuma Johnson &Yun Wang, 12 pp

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