Controlled and Modified Atmospheres for Fresh and Fresh-Cut Produce

Beaudry, Randolph
Gil, Maria Isabel

684 pp
ISBN 978-0-12-804599-2
Academic Press

Eds. Maria Isabel Gil and Randolph Beaudry. 2020. Academic Press. 684 pp

Controlled and Modified Atmospheres for Fresh and Fresh-Cut Produce is the ultimate reference book of CA/MA recommendations for selected commodities.

It includes the basic knowledge of physiology and technologies to the current application of recommended CA/MAP conditions for fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. For each commodity, a summary with requirements and recommendations is presented.

The book is divided into three parts, with each focusing on different aspects of CA/MA, including fundamental topics on the physiological and quality effects of CA and MAP for fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, optimal CA/MAP conditions and recommendations, and optimal conditions for fresh-cut fruits and vegetables.

Key Features
- Provides guidelines and recommendations of CA/MAP for the fresh produce industry
- Illustrates the benefits and defects caused by CA/MA in full color
- Brings more than 54 fruits and vegetables and their respective summary with the requirements and recommendations of CA/MA conditions
- Includes the optimal CA/MAP conditions and recommendations for selected fresh fruits and vegetables


Part I: Basic principles of CA/MA and future trends
Chapter 1 – Biological basis for CA and MA, Mikal E. Saltveit
Chapter 2 – Cultivar effects on CA/MA requirements of fruits and vegetables, Christopher B. Watkins
Chapter 3 – Effect of maturity on CA/MA responses, Peter M.A. Toivonen
Chapter 4 – CA requirements for postharvest pest control, Yong-Biao Liu
Chapter 5 – CA/MA requirements for spoilage microorganisms and human pathogens, Hidemi Izumi
Chapter 6 – Effect of CA/MA on sensory quality, Anne Plotto, Jinhe Bai and Elizabeth Baldwin
Chapter 7 – CA/MA on bioactive compounds, Maria Isabel Gil, Maria Luisa Amodio and Giancarlo Colelli
Chapter 8 – The impact of temperature on atmosphere requirements and effects: The limits of design and utility for CA/MA/MAP, Jeffrey K. Brecht, El