Fruit and vegetable consumption. The ‘glass half full’ approach

March 2017
10 pp

by Miguel Merino-Pacheco, march 2017, 10 pages

Life expectations have grown steadily in The Netherlands between 1950 and 2012. Men live now, in average, nine years more (79 years vs 70 years then) and women, ten years (73 to 83) longer. A rather long time period, but the difference is clear.

Presently, among the causes of death in that country, low consumption of fruit and vegetables runs in the fifth position, behind tobacco smoke (number one killer), high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity. And prior to recognized villains, like alcohol consumption and physical inactivity.

Introduction ….. 3
Overwhelming evidence ….. 4
Changes in nutrient contents ….. 5
Is consumption enough? ….. 6
Increasing consumption ….. 8
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MERINO-PACHECO Miguel. March 2017. 10 pages.
Positive effects to personal health, diminished costs to society, increased income for farmers and the development of a powerful and economically healthy food industry.