Managing grapevine trunk diseases with respect to etiology and epidemiology: current strategies and future prospects

Gramaje, David
Sosnowski, Mark R.
Úrbez-Torres, José Ramón

September 2017
28 pp

By David Gramaje (Instituto de Ciencias de la Vid y el Vino, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas-Universidad de la Rioja), José Ramón Úrbez-Torres (Summerland Rechearch and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Cánada, Science and Technology Branch), Mark R. Sosnowski (South Australian Research and Development Institute)

Fungal trunk diseases are some of the most destructive diseases of grapevine in all grape growing areas of the world. Management of GTDs has been intensively studied for decades with some great ad- vances made in our understanding of the causal pathogens, their epidemiology, impact, and control. However, due to the breadth and complexity of the problem, no single effective control measure has been developed.

Management of GTD must be holistic and integrated, with an interdisciplinary approach conducted in both nurseries and vineyards that integrates plant pathology, agronomy, viticulture, microbiology, epidemiology, biochemistry, physiology, and genetics. In this review, we identify a number of areas of future prospect for ef- fective management of GTDs worldwide, which, if addressed, will provide a positive outlook on the longevity of vineyards in the future.

By David Gramaje, José Ramón Úrbez-Torres, Mark R. Sosnowski. 21 September 2017. The American Phytopathological Society. 28 pages. Contact:

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